Control Inbox - Increase Response

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Control Inbox - Increase Response

About Course

Reclaim Your Inbox.

One of the biggest distractions we face in our daily lives is email. If you struggle to keep up with your unread emails and end up feeling as if you have done nothing all day, this course will help you get control.

Increase Response Time: This course will help you begin to take back control of your email Inbox, allowing you to become more responsive and productive.


Course content

videoWelcome to Control Inbox - Increase Response Start
videoPreparation Week Start
videoCreating New Folders - Week 2 Start
videoHandling Junk/Spam Emails - Week 3 Start
videoEmail Tips - Week 4 Start
videoQuick Responses -Week 5 Start
videoTurning Emails Into Tasks - Week 6 Start
videoCreating Urgent Triggers - Week 7 Start
videoEnd of Day / End of Week Review - Week 8 Start
videoPrioritization Flowchart - Week 9 Start
videoWrapping Up - Week 10 Start
videoDownload full Program Start
Danielle Baily

Danielle Baily

Efficiency and Implementation Consultant

Course Instructor

Dedicated to people and results, Danielle Baily aims to help find or produce useful, applicable, and cost-effective ways to bring practical efficiency to modern chaos. Danielle provides solutions for common business problems from time management, process generation, prioritization, and implementation to simplifying bookkeeping, payroll, benefits, and HR.

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